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Resolve doubts




When buying Art, suggested questions to realize yourself:


What is my pleasure on this?

Your personal taste is what matters most when buying a work of art and it is given without even realizing, just for the thrill we feel when we are dealing with it.

Emotion is the feeling of being in something that makes us feel good and therefore, this means that we like, which is our deeper purpose.

So your taste is as important as it is he who will keep you swayed by fashions set, as you implement your own choice.


Why do I need to purchase a painting?

Because I have the intention of decorating a room, an environment which you want to modify or change and your intention is to have personality in terms of an original artwork.


How do I know that I stand before the work properly?

Mainly you have to think about the steps you need, the shades of color, the style you want to breathe, etc..

Once you have located, and then mainly listen to your intellect which will tell if this table is practical and your heart will suggest that is the picture you wanted. The sum of both will give you the solution.


Could be interesting to satrt the adquisition of a collection?

When buying your first work, not to raise the question precisely, but when you see the possibilities of acquiring original art, because you have followed the line of your emotions or they also have displayed a path of a potential investment is here when the approach can effect you, if you see that are flattering and best possibilities.

When you start to buy art, your decisions can receive many influences, but when you set out to collect, you know instinctively what direction to take this because you have an entire collection.

If you go from buyer point to think about becoming a collector, as you have connected your intellect with the heart, will you bring to your collection a pleasure to own and above all personal.


How much am I willing to invest in the purchase?

The art market is very broad, varied in style, content, trends and price range. In this range, a variety of works at very low prices and others whose prices are very high and as is known, is not accessible to everyone. We can also find some middle ground, which may be more practical and affordable, in our personal time.

In an emerging artist his work is more affordable. Depending on your projection and artistic recognition, the price of his work can be revalued. If it is an established artist's work is even more revalued, although the acquisition may not be as affordable.

This depends largely on the existing social time and the experience and professionalism that is acquiring the artist in the history of his work.

Among several criteria, support, material, size of the work, the time spent on their implementation by industry, among others, may vary the price of a work. Look at the format and size of the work which substantially determines the price so you can ask for work performed in drawings and watercolors, which often have smaller format to works of large dimensions.


What I can get conditions for the purchase of a work?

You can check with the artist payment terms, whether in cash or may be more affordable deferred payment. One thing to remember when our intention to pay is more limited, is to know that this is a work that is reproduced or is a unique original. For original work, he always credited the purchase, enclosing a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist.


Do you have any discounts or offers?


Discounts: A customer who has purchased a work, for new acquisitions can benefit from a discount of 10%, as a sign of customer loyalty.


In the case of purchase of a painting through the recommendation of a person who has previously contacted us, he will also apply a discount of 5%.


At the same time in line, we will give also a benefit of 1%, the person making the recommendation.

For more information, see Project Ethical and solidarity, on our website: 



Offers: Payment of the purchase of a painting, postponed in 3 months:


-In the payment of 1 month, we send a delivery note justifying the purchase.

-In the payment of 2 months, we will send a proforma provisional certificate deaunteticitat.

-The final payment of the 3rd month, we will send the work, which will remain in our Galeríadebidamente reserved until the end of the payment of those installments, attach the invoice and certificate of authenticity final


The aim of our project to create Angelo's Art, is to help all those lovers of fine art to satisfy their desire to buy "art" to invest, collect or decorate, whether individuals, professionals, businesses, or institutions.


Hope we helped you able to resolve some questions about the purchase of art. If you have any questions, please consult on e-mail is at your disposal:





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Cabañas Art - Angelo´s Art - Jesús Cabañas Painting's - The art of life is to make life an art